6 and More Major Ways Technology is Changing the Way You Travel

Can’t you remember the world without internet? It’s about more than 20 years we’ve been actively use it for different spheres of our life. Travelling is rather new but important sphere where modern technologies have found the way to impact. The number of travel sites and services is increased. You can find special resources for budget travellers, excursion guides, hotel booking services. People need more and more information every time they travel to somewhere. Here are 6 and more ways how technology can be helpful while travelling.


Virtual Reality Helps to Explore the World

Let’s pretend that you are driving around the USA. You suddenly see the beautiful building that is architecturally interesting for you as for inspired traveller. It can be a campus of the university, museum or something like that. You may know a little about its history. It’s not a problem for your smartphone. Use Google Maps application. This is the easiest way to explore the world around. You can also find an excursion guide and continue learning the territory. The opportunities you have are amazing! It is not about Google Maps only.

Modern technologies allow meeting new paces without visiting them. Facebook helps meeting new people with the same interests that you have. IHG is leading app to find the hotel room. Such app as Travelstoke was designed especially for travellers to explore new countries and share experience on the web. You can buy whatever you want and from every corner of our planet.

Alive Communication

There are many alive internet platforms for travellers, where you can read about advantages of one or another hotel, share your experience in the blog or argue your position in the forum. The blogs and forums can be helpful to prevent bad and uncomfortable situations on the go. The most popular touristic advicer is TripAdvisor. Leave the touristic brochures aside! This is a platform where people from different countries write their honest feedbacks about the hotels, restaurants, shops and other impressions. You have enough information to read, take and think about.

Not a Google Map....

Phones New Opportunities

Apps on your phones are able to solve all travelling problems you may have. Actually, those problems are not big problems now. If you are bored to take a flight to somewhere far, you can upload new music on iTunes and enjoy it on the go. If you cannot find a taxi, you can use Uber to transport yourself all over the city quickly. If you cannot put a question to a foreigner and need someone to translate your ask, you can use Google translate to be translated to any language in real-time. Is it hot time to book a hotel or cheap hostel? Check out Booking .com.

In addition, your phone is helpful to take high quality pictures and post is online. Such popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, will help to share the newest information about your trip with your friends and relatives. Let people see your new pictures and read your comments, especially from those countries where phone calls are not available. Your telephone is a powerful machine now in the age of internet.

Money Saving Opportunities

You should keep in mind that time many years ago when you were trying to call your family from abroad. All you had to buy was international calling card. Of course, the prices were not cheap and the time you had for call wasn’t enough. Everything is different now. If you have an internet connection, you have no communicative problems anymore. You have a chance to call someone for free. You should try Skype. Whatever important occasion you have in your life, sister’s graduations, daughter’s marriage, and your friends or relatives cannot be physically present, translate it over Skype or watch translation. You can make video calls and send messages easily.

Skype is not the top on the cake. The world offers you more and more up-to-date communicative apps that are helpful not only for audio but video calls for no money. Thus, WhatsApp can be used if you have relations with foreigners and need to talk to each other every day, several times a day. IT technologies help you to save money on your travelling by paying online, finding the cheapest goods and services, talk for free and live for cheap.


Reading and Playing with Apps

Of course, the best helpers for all travellers are books. You can read a book every time you are on flight or spending time in the hostel on rainy weather. Books and magazines help to spend time wisely. Sometimes, you have to take a selection of five or more books. It is not comfortable to carry. If you have reading apps on your phone or tablet, you can enjoy reading right now with no limitations. Kindles or Nooks or Kobos have made traveling interesting for all travellers.

Huawei Ascend G525

Rent a car

You trip can be safer when you use a car to travel through the country from the city to city. Again, modern techs can help. Why don’t you use RENTAL24H.com? This popular app with the glorious name is organized in a comfortable way to get wider opportunities to find a car according to your search parameters. You can pick a car according to its color, size, brand, price, your age and driving specific. You should also compare the prices from more than 1600 car vendors. If you travel on budget, you can find a car in a frame of your price policy.

Are you a budget traveller? Just compare the prices and find a vehicle for your budget. Honestly, this is an easy and fast way to go through the country around the world. The conditions to pick a car are clear and common for all foreign cities. Why this app? It includes a list of cars from the world popular vendors, such as Ace, ADA, Caldera Alamo, AVIS, Locauto, Bidvest, Buchbinder, Budget, Caro, Circular, Discount, Flizzr, Enterprise, Oryx, First, Fox, Thrifty, InterRent, Europcar, MWM, Dollar, NU and others. Isn’t it an impressive list? If you cannot find a goof car from one car vendor, you can pick it from the dozen of others.