Foodie’s travel Diary: Colorado

Colorado is located in America, the highest point in the country of this city, which is in the foreground with America’s natural beauties. As a separate city for students working and travelling in the city, there are very few Turks, and the opportunity to study English is much higher than in other cities.

Is Colorado appropriate for students or families?

In other cities of the USA, the average working salary is $8 per hour, and students in this city can work about $12 for an hour. Unlike other cities, it’s easier to find a second job that takes an important place in the Work and Travel program. Thanks to this function, Steamboat Springs can earn more money than in other cities of the United States. Transportation of the city is free of charge. You can protect your transport budget by providing free bus transport to the right place for three months at this strategic point.

In winter the steamboat becomes a ski resort of the United States, and in the summer the foreground nature views come out. In all parts of the city, called “City of a bicycle”, there are bicycle paths and parking lots. The city also has areas where natural life can engage in all kinds of natural activities. In contact with many animals during their lifetime is a sign of protest. I see that the bear, moose, antelope, snake, mouse, fox. This city, which has the most beautiful natural beauty in America, welcomes nature every year.

What can you do in Denver?

• There is a big shopping centre on the street. This is a street where traffic is closed; it is called only a free bus called Street Mall Shuttle. Shopping is ideal for eating and drinking. If you have time, you can go all the way or take a bus which is a free service, and you can just walk down this street and come.
• ConfluencePark can be recommended. You can stroll along the river in Confluence Park and have a picnic, and even if you are on the right track, you can navigate this river.
• Denver Museum of Art is recommended thanks to both in architecture and art exhibitions. You can reach the end with a free shuttle bus to the Mall Street Mall, and then you can walk on foot in 15-20 minutes. There is also a museum of modern art called the Museum of Modern Art.
Denver is worth a visit, 40 km from the city of Boulder, a large green park, a beautiful hiking trail to the Rocky Mountains and the bustling and charming city centre. It’s easy to get Denver car rental, and as far as I know, buses from Denver.
Do not forget to visit the Denver open store, an outdoor sports and camping enthusiast from REI, a well-known outdoor equipment network.

Popular Places & Food Choices

Food & Drink: 
• Smash hamburger, the hamburger chain, perfect for hamburgers and thin-walled potato fries with speciality. In Mall Street, there is a branch.
• Another popular place for breakfast is the Corner Cafe Bar. There are some in the Street Mall.
• Cheesecake Factory, known for its series The Big Bang Theory, is hard to reach tourist destination. Cheesecake can be tasted. But burgers are not bad.
If you stay in Denver, especially in LoDo, you do not need a car with you. We can even say that he will not have any problems when visiting with your family. You can walk to the main attractions or take the free shuttle to Mall Street. There is also metro and buses, public transport is available. That’s why you can choose the option that best suits you and rest with your family.