Washington DC – Visiting for the First Time

Most people visit Washington D.C. when they are in high school as part of their Government or U.S. History class. Since I never sold enough candy bars for that I decided I should fork over some of my recently hard-earned cash and make a trip to the capital of the United States of America.

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Capitol Prez Pad

We endured a nasty snafu trying to take a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I’ve blocked the fiasco from my memory so I don’t have any juicy tidbits to relay. The reception was welcoming at the Georgetown Inn in, you guessed it, Georgetown. The hotel is centrally located and it shares the ground floor with a Daily Grill, so the room service grub is respectable.

M Street

After a pit stop we walked down to M Street and scouted both sides of the street for cool stores, restaurants and bars. We settled into the dark, wood-paneled interior of Old Glory (3139 M Street N.W.) and ordered up a hearty lunch of roasted pigs and cows with a side of down-home mashed potatoes and salad. This is definitely a must visit if you are a rib fan.  We also enjoyed casual food and drinks at Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown (3104 M Street N.W.) just down the street. The back patio provides cool and calm if you get tired of the loud music and grooving bodies.

M Street is lined with historic buildings and contemporary stores. J. Crew is right next door to Andrew Jackson’s office. The street is also diverse. It’s filled with ethnic cuisine, used bookstores, children’s toys, antiques and clothing. Be sure to check out the Gothic Metropolitan AME Church while you are wandering the street.

We usually walked to other areas of town during the day and then would return to Georgetown to eat at night. So although it looks like we’re food critics, fat slobs or uni-dimensional travelers, it’s actually not the case. Read on for more.

Also in the area – Café Milano (3251 Prospect Street N.W.) – an upscale Italian restaurant with memorable food and amiable service. We especially liked the upstairs dining room since it was cozier compared to downstairs. This is a great date place.

Filomena Ristorante

For Jake’s birthday we descended the stairs into Filomena Ristorante (1063 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.) – a neighborhood favorite for old-world Italian food. Since it was the beginning of the holiday season, a huge, undecorated Christmas tree dominated the middle of the dining room. The window tables looked terrific, with views of the walking path, but we were happily encapsulated in the pine forest instead.

Au Pied du Cochon (1335 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.) became our new home away from home. It is a French bistro by day and a bar that serves bistro food by night. The atmosphere is authentic and the clientele seems mostly local and established. We enjoyed this slice of Georgetown flavor because of the free-flowing beer, the friendly conversation with the owner and the proximity to our hotel – just across the street. Au Pied du Cochon is a great place to hang out because it is unpretentious and eventually, everybody knows your name.

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Little Italy (Filomena’s)

Red Sea – Ethiopian Food

It was Thanksgiving Day and naturally, most establishments were closed. What a perfect time to enjoy cuisine from a different culture since they are usually open on pesky American holidays.


So we settled in at the Red Sea (2463 18th Street N.W.) in Adams Morgan for a tempting, tasty treat. The beer was cool and refreshing but I was appalled when the food arrived. Damp, dense chamois cloth that they call bread with texture like a flayed octopus. I couldn’t get past it. Sure, the blobs of food that accompany it were okay and some were even better than okay, but the bread was a complete disaster that I couldn’t get past.

After lunch we wandered up and down the street. The top of the street is definitely sketchier than the bottom. There’s a Latino street market near the church where they sell cheap clothing, CDs, toys and assorted sundries.  There are also tons of bars and tattoo parlors in the area that look like they are happening most days of the year.

Like most visitors, we strolled up and down the Mall and stopped in at most of the museums. The National Gallery of Art and the Air and Space Museum were the most interesting. The Gallery is filled with amazing art and I came away with an added sense of awe for pieces I hadn’t seen before. The Air and Space Museum is a bit dated, but the exhibits are still fun and the IMAX Theater kept us entertained for an entire afternoon.

On a drizzly day, we also visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the expansive Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the marble-filled Jefferson Memorial. We lingered at the Jefferson Memorial because the edifice is simple, stunning, and symmetrical. Plus, the views are terrific.

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Art Gallery

Washington Monument

Monument from Afar

We walked through Dupont Circle on the way downtown. Once downtown, we cruised by the FBI building and thought of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the “X Files.” This area is kind of a blur, but I do remember eating lunch at Red Sage (605 14th Street). The food was reasonable; more than anything, it seems like a hip place to eat.

Capitol Hill is dominated by the looming curve of the Capitol dome. We toured the grand building that includes history, artwork and architecture. We especially liked the Old Senate Chamber and Statuary Hall, where leaders of the past are immortalized in bronze and stone. Although the building and the interiors are elegant, it is not as grandiose as it looks on television.

The same holds true for the White House. We stood in line for two hours (and experienced some lousy, line-cutting techniques) before passing through the metal detectors in the portiere and continuing into the house. The interior is traditional and sedate. With picketers, bums and urban life churning beyond the gates, the house feels like the eye of the storm.

On our way out, a guy tried to walk down the front lawn and the Secret Service men detained him after he paid no heed to their warnings. A mini-drama was unfolding right before our eyes!

We also checked out the exterior of the Supreme Court and snapped some typical photos.

Foodie’s travel Diary: Colorado

Colorado is located in America, the highest point in the country of this city, which is in the foreground with America’s natural beauties. As a separate city for students working and travelling in the city, there are very few Turks, and the opportunity to study English is much higher than in other cities.

Is Colorado appropriate for students or families?

In other cities of the USA, the average working salary is $8 per hour, and students in this city can work about $12 for an hour. Unlike other cities, it’s easier to find a second job that takes an important place in the Work and Travel program. Thanks to this function, Steamboat Springs can earn more money than in other cities of the United States. Transportation of the city is free of charge. You can protect your transport budget by providing free bus transport to the right place for three months at this strategic point.

In winter the steamboat becomes a ski resort of the United States, and in the summer the foreground nature views come out. In all parts of the city, called “City of a bicycle”, there are bicycle paths and parking lots. The city also has areas where natural life can engage in all kinds of natural activities. In contact with many animals during their lifetime is a sign of protest. I see that the bear, moose, antelope, snake, mouse, fox. This city, which has the most beautiful natural beauty in America, welcomes nature every year.

What can you do in Denver?

• There is a big shopping centre on the street. This is a street where traffic is closed; it is called only a free bus called Street Mall Shuttle. Shopping is ideal for eating and drinking. If you have time, you can go all the way or take a bus which is a free service, and you can just walk down this street and come.
• ConfluencePark can be recommended. You can stroll along the river in Confluence Park and have a picnic, and even if you are on the right track, you can navigate this river.
• Denver Museum of Art is recommended thanks to both in architecture and art exhibitions. You can reach the end with a free shuttle bus to the Mall Street Mall, and then you can walk on foot in 15-20 minutes. There is also a museum of modern art called the Museum of Modern Art.
Denver is worth a visit, 40 km from the city of Boulder, a large green park, a beautiful hiking trail to the Rocky Mountains and the bustling and charming city centre. It’s easy to get Denver car rental, and as far as I know, buses from Denver.
Do not forget to visit the Denver open store, an outdoor sports and camping enthusiast from REI, a well-known outdoor equipment network.

Popular Places & Food Choices

Food & Drink: 
• Smash hamburger, the hamburger chain, perfect for hamburgers and thin-walled potato fries with speciality. In Mall Street, there is a branch.
• Another popular place for breakfast is the Corner Cafe Bar. There are some in the Street Mall.
• Cheesecake Factory, known for its series The Big Bang Theory, is hard to reach tourist destination. Cheesecake can be tasted. But burgers are not bad.
If you stay in Denver, especially in LoDo, you do not need a car with you. We can even say that he will not have any problems when visiting with your family. You can walk to the main attractions or take the free shuttle to Mall Street. There is also metro and buses, public transport is available. That’s why you can choose the option that best suits you and rest with your family.