Travel with Comfort: Using Your Smartphone While Travelling

It’s hardly believed but one of the best devices that are helpful for travelling is already in your pocket. Any suggestions? Do you know what is it? This is your smartphone, of course. Do you use your telephone for making calls only? You should know that it consists of vast number of helpful options you my use in different ways. Here are helpful suggestions how you can use your smartphone as a travelling agent.

Google Maps on iOS: knows where it's going.


  1. As a useful travel option

It is not a secret that you can find great many special apps for your smartphone to assist you in booking tickets, hotels, cars, table in the restaurant. Thus, if you are planning to go somewhere for weekend, try to check the dates with your smartphone app in order to find the cheapest dates for your flight.

  1. As a secretary

You can have a lot of useful apps like TripCase to help you to feel comfortable in the place you are now. If you need to book the cheapest flight, book a table in the closest restaurant, reserve a hotel, your smartphone can help.

  1. As a group trip planner

Google Docs is helpful to fixate information about your travelling and share it with friends. Whenever you are, you are able to leave your feedbacks, instructions, recommendations. If you want to meet your friends somewhere on the go, you may use Glympse or Find My Friends to submit the check point and find each other easily. This function is especially useful for group travellers.

  1. As a last-minute packing guide

Packing can be a real challenge for every traveller, especially if you need to pack in the last minute. It’s not a problem with Packing Pro. You have to pick the destination you are going to and check the list of suggested stuff. Just look through it and chose what you really need.

  1. As an interactive map

Traditionally, map is the first paper you take from your travel agency to feel free in a new place. You don’t need papers anymore. Google Maps works without a Wi-Fi connection also. There is alternative app – or Spyglass. You can take the screenshots of the map and find the right destination, house, shop even without knowing the language.



  1. As an airport guide

Try GateGuru to have your native city airport helpful. It is good for big cities when you know nothing about the airport rules and attractions. If you want to find a cashpoint, nearest cafe, luggage control zone, you may use special app. Waiting for the flight, you can find about the luggage room or rest zone.

  1. As a fast translation

People who like raveling try to learn the language of that place they are going to. If you are addicted traveller, it is impossible to learn all languages. Duolingo app or Google Translate will help you to translate any word fast and productive. It’s as easy as a piece of cake, just type the word or phrase and get the translation.

  1. As a money saver

You may use Travelzoo app to find a restaurant this evening or one-night hotel. You may also use Car Rental Near Me app to save money on car rental. It’s amazing but the app helps you to compare car rental prices and offers from more than 1,600 car vendors. The app is available worldwide to pick the best car about price, brand or age limits. You can even find the car from your favorite car rental company. The cheapest prices and attractive proposals are available.

  1. Simply as a phone

Definitely, you use your phone as a phone every day. However, your little device can be full of different speaking options. It is actively used for making calls abroad or on the go. Such popular speaking apps as What’s App, Skype or FaceTime are used with/without WiFi connection to speak, send audio, video messages, alive translation.

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  1. As a currency converter

XE Currency app is what you need to find the exchange rate right now. The app is especially good to work offline.

  1. As a security system

The truth is every country has its own security app. It contains the full information about your flight, emergency contacts, entry and exit requirements, border crossing rules. The app is good to use offline. Thus, Global Affairs Canada’s Travel Smart app welcomes all Canadian travellers. And there is proper travelling app for every country. Find it.

  1. As a first-aid medical helper

It’s great if you will never need the app. Nevertheless, the Red Cross First Aid app allows you to get quickly access to the first aid emergencies and related services.

  1. As a business assistant

Business travellers often take their work to do later, when they have free time. You can work even in the plane if you have something like Docs To Go. With the help of this app you can view and edit Microsoft Office documents from your phone. There is another one smart addition – CamScanner app that is used to make scans of online and e-mail documents of different formats. Your paper job will always be done in time.

  1. As a jet lag alleviator

Travelling people often suffer from jet lags. When you feel the difference between new and old time zones you may feel physical discomfort. The Entrain app calculates the best schedule to help you to take proper rest and awake to feel comfortable in the new conditions.

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  1. As a weather forecaster

This is one more important mobile app that helps to use your phone as a weather forecaster. You may use this function from your laptop every day with no meaning. For more detailed information go to the Weather apps. It tells you all weather characteristics of the region you are now.

Also, you can add emergency information to your phone’s lock screen, such as medications, blood type and emergency contacts. This must be your medical ID. You don’t need special app to do that.